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This service is an extension of the weekly magazine JOB Whitepages which lists all available positions in British Columbia. Every position listed is meticulously coded by employer, industry, job title, qualifications, experience, salary offered and detail job description and updated weekly every Friday afternoon into our massive records going over 19 years. This has created a veritable oracle of employment facts on the West Coast. 

JobFreeway.com  has been developed to take advantage of new search technology to put all of this information both up-to-the-minute and historic perspective at your service. So sit down at Web Site, try our Intuitive Search Engine, and then get in touch with JobFreeway.com and let us know how we can serve you even better. 

Intuitive Search Engine

Early on we recognized the inadequacies of  key word search. A word search for " Hair" would bring out texts that contain Hair as well as Chair and Chairman. The worst example would be "Human Resources" because most job related documents contain these words and it lists all of them.

Our intuitive search engine works in an entirely different way. It seeks job categories to which a word belongs rather than the word itself. For example, a search for "janitor" will bring up job postings not only for janitor but also for building cleaner, custodian, sanitation crew, maintenance worker and houseman. Similarly, "restaurant" will give you restaurant related job postings.

Have fun with it and let us know how we can improve it even further to help you find the best job fast. 

Update: 04-16-2012